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Audit and Assurance
Statutory Audits of annual financial statements of incorporated public and private companies, State Owned Companies, Banks, Financial Insitutions and all business entities and charities. We carry out audits of our clients in different sectors and we place emphasis on best audit practices and report with our expertise. We render business advisory services and give information for organization and business practices.
Audit and Assurance Services rendered includes:-
  • Statutory Audit and Certifications
  • Management/operational audit, propriety and Value for Money Audit.
  • Frauds and Other Investigations
  • EDP and organizational effectiveness audits, audits of internal control and security systems including recommendations for improvement.
  • Auditing of special balance sheets relating to business reconstructions, reorganizations, mergers and liquidations.
  • Internal and concurrent audits - of all types of business, entities, banks, Charities and Societies.
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